Business Insurance.

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As a business owner, having the right business insurance in place is crucial. The comfort and reassurance of having the right plan in place frees up the headspace to allow you to tackle the other priorities in your business and get a good nights rest at night.

Texas Commercial Business Insurance Coverages

This coverage protects your business from financial stress or ruin due to a "loss" or claim where you are found to be negligent. Most business owners don't realize that once you put a company name in the mix of a claim, a lot changes. You need to make sure you are not only protecting what you worked hard to build but also protecting it from being financially destroyed if something shouldn't go as planned.

Professional Liability

In a lot of cases a standard General Liability policy fits most needs. However, you might have a business that requires a bit more protection against things that apply to your job specifically. This is where Professional Liability comes in. It is important to work with your agent in determining if you fit within this category. Some examples of individuals needing this additional coverage are (but not limited to):

  • Photographers
  • CPAs
  • Dentists/Doctors
  • Software Programmers/Tech
  • Lawyers
  • and many more...

Tenant/Building Coverage/Property Damage

Where do you operate? Whether it is out of a warehouse, a retail store front, or even your home... you need to make sure your building and business is protected. This coverage would protect you if your equipment, inventory, or even your building was damaged due to a loss/claim. Worried about food spoilage? We have a coverage for that as well through a Business Owners Policy, aka a BOP.

Business Interruption

What would happen if you couldn't open your doors because of a claim? It is important that you have coverage in place if you unexpectedly have to close your doors you would have some help with expenses.

Employee Dishonesty

No one wants to think an employee would ever steal from the. Unfortunately, it does happen. We have coverage options we can put in place to help regain some of the lost merchandise or funds if you even find yourself in this situation.

Things you Need to Know when Purchasing a Commercial Business Insurance Policy

  • A Business Owners Policy does not automatically over your business use automobiles. You need Commercial Auto Insurance. We can help you with that too.
  • A Business Owners Policy does not include Workers Compensation Coverage. In Texas, if you have employees it is required by law to carry Workers Compensation. We can also help you determine your needs and protect you adequately.
  • Talk to an agent. Do not buy your policy online from a computer system that doesn't know anything about your business. Business Owners Policies can be complex and often leave grey areas unattended. Let us help you navigate your way through the Business policy to make sure you are getting the coverage you need.


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